Universities and Homeschoolers

This encouraging article suggests that universities are truly starting to recognize the strengths of homeschoolers.

This quote is what really sold me on the idea that yes, universities understand where homeschoolers are coming from, and why they are such strong candidates:

It occurred to [Russell Jamison, dean of the engineering school] that home-schoolers’ inquisitive, self-directed learning style — an educational model that often gets lost in the highly structured “problem-set oriented” environment of traditional high schools, he says — was particularly well suited to engineering. The school holds an annual open house for home-schoolers to get them interested in both engineering and Virginia Commonwealth. (One thing Mr. Jamison has learned, he says, is that when you plan a home-schooling event, the whole family shows up. At this fall’s open house, he included robot-building activities for elementary-school-age siblings.)

Now, how cool is that?


3 Responses to “Universities and Homeschoolers”

  1. Sheri Says:

    That is so inspiring.

    To see a “traditional” educator recognizing the more unique aspects of homeschooling families and making an effort to include this dynamic in an orienting session is wonderful.

    Let’s hope this becomes a trend that catches on.

  2. Matteroffaith.com » How Do You Transcript A Life? Says:

    […] to Tammy T at Just Enough, I highly recommend the article she quotes and links […]

  3. Tammy Says:

    Thanks for your comment Sheri.

    What’s cool is that things are changing.

    Not because homeschoolers are “fighting” for their rights. Not because the laws are changing, but because of experience. And what people show up for.

    All the talk about what’s good for kids, and what our laws should be are an interesting and helpful exercise on an individual level. But on the societal scale, what is important and what always has been, is people’s behavior. We, as a culture, behave our way into change.

    What happened at this university, is exactly that. The administrators and recruiters can now “see” the difference between where the traditional kids are coming from and where the homeschooling kids are coming from. The kinds of lives they are leading as children, and the difference between family based education and govt. based education.

    It’s amazing what just showing up will do. No amount of protesting, writing letters or changing laws could have the same effect as simply being involved with our kids enough to show up. These families weren’t protesting or asking for a change. They made change by their behavior.

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