$100 Laptop

Have you heard of the $100 dollar laptop yet? It’s “spillproof, rainproof, dustproof and drop-proof”.

It doesn’t run Windows or OS. And it doesn’t have any drives. Interesting technology.

Apparently, some people are poo-pooing the concept. But this New York Times article
explains why critics are being too hasty. And too sheep-like.

This is one step closer to everyone in the world having access to the internet. Once that happens, what will that mean for education and the whole idea that information and knowledge comes to the masses through professionals and teachers? When anyone can access any information at any time, will a teacher’s role change from giving kids access to the world, to keeping kids from knowing too much about it?

So, anyone gonna get one? (Or two?)


4 Responses to “$100 Laptop”

  1. Augustin Says:

    As far as I know the XO laptop is not going to be commercialized like any other laptop we know of; it is supposed to be distributed only to children living in under-developed countries.

    However, for those individuals interested in sponsoring the initiative, there may be a way of getting their hands on one such laptop. Here’s how: http://www.xogiving.org/.


  2. momlovesbeingathome Says:

    That sounds pretty cool! Imagine… all those kids in poor countries having the entire world opened up to them through the internet!!

  3. sam Says:

    I’ve been looking at this on and off since seeing this post last night. If this is as cool as it looks, I can see it growing beyond just a tool for kids in poorer countries. This looks like the kind of thing that kids all over the world could use, just a really cool tool all around.

    One thing that may have sold me was the following line from their site, “Children program the machine, not the other way around.”

  4. meridianavila Says:

    Yes, yes!! I am on the list for the Give 1, Get 1 notification. I am so excited about this laptop. Not only is it opening up the world of technology to myriads of people who have not received such opportunity in the developing world, it is also supportive of collaborative process in that the computers that connect with one another, and fully open source programs that can and are highly encouraged to be modified by the end-user. Everyone complains that modern technology is scary and can be used for (insert soundbites of fear, uncertainty and doubt here) but this is proof that it can be used for increase in knowledge and further development. I am all for it, and very excited.

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