Cussing and the Tooth Fairy

I’ve been thinking recently about cussing.

You know, those four letter words that when our kids say them, our eyes cross? Those words that our friendless kids use with abandon and then have to apologize because they forget that they are within little-earshot?

Well, I kind of like cuss words. The right place, and the right time, they can really pack a punch.

I don’t like when someone’s vocab is the same word again and again, and that includes cuss words. (It also includes “like” and “you know” BTW.) Since I am a word-oriented person, I notice it when people use the same words again and again. And again. And again. It bugs me. (My issue, I know, not trying to change anyone.) (I’m also guilty myself. Yes, I do kick myself for it.)

But a well-placed cuss word, oh man, it can really hit the spot.

So how do the kids play into this? Well, to them, the words “stupid” and “hate” are bad words.  They hardly know what the real bad words are.

Or do they?

We were watching a show the other day where the main character started cussing up a storm! The funny part was that it was all bleeped out. Bleepity, bleep, bleep, bleep. My son and I were in stitches.

After it was over, Cameron (who is 9, and homeschooled. You know, not surrounded by kids who play with cuss words?) said to no one in particular, “I know what they were saying.”

My son? Knew what they were saying?

You know, I don’t give my son enough credit. He knows a LOT of things I don’t know he knows. And he’s OK with not having to let me know he knows. He happily knows these things and moves on. This is my child who processes everything externally (or so I thought!) And he knows all about the cuss words. Cuz he just knows. (Ok, how many times did I say “know” in that paragraph?)

Our kids know so much. And it’s OK if we don’t know every single detail of what goes on in their heads. When the time is right, what’s in there will shine through. We don’t have to dig with a spoon in their brain to find out if their neurons are working.
Oh, BTW, apparently, my son also knows about the tooth fairy. I was getting nervous about the moment I’d have to comfort my son that the tooth fairy wasn’t real. And he already knew. And it was no big deal. He had figured it out. And it was what it was.

I really don’t give him enough credit. I need a kick in the pants to trust my son more.

One Response to “Cussing and the Tooth Fairy”

  1. Linda Says:

    So you never found out what Cameron “knew” they were saying on the TV show? I’m dying to know!

    I wrote a post on my blog about something similar: my three nephews were watching a YouTube video that had “Smack My Bitch Up” as the soundtrack. Just as I hoped aloud that they weren’t paying attention to the music, one of them called out “Smack my beach-ah!” Another said, “No, it’s Smack my pizza.” The third insisted it was “Snack my pizza.” Later that week, one of them was heard to sing, “Smack my peach up!” So yeah, they were listening. Not closely enough, though.

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