Moving Our Local Homeschool Info Night

In September, our local info nights start up again. Up until this point, we’ve been having them at my house. But this month, I rented a room at the library. It’s a big group in September (beginning of the year, filing the PSA, etc.). This will be our first big meeting, in a big venue.

We’re also looking into meeting at the local Barnes and Noble or Borders.

Where do you meet for your local info nights? We have about 10-20 families at each meeting. Any advice?


3 Responses to “Moving Our Local Homeschool Info Night”

  1. Sheri Says:

    Most of the homeschooling information sessions, that I know of, in our area are held at local branches of the library and have the same number (10 -20 families) of attendees.

    As a relative newcomer to homeschooling myself, I do recommend you try to represent, or give voice by way of volunteer speakers, the wide range of approaches to homeschooling.

    From structured learning to deschooling and everything in between, I think it’s helpful to parents just starting out to hear about the different approaches and why people decide which one is the best for them.

  2. Kimberly Says:

    Our local info nights used to be at B&N in Rancho Cucamonga, now they are held at the B&N in Corona. I’m not involved in organizing, but I have attended a few.

    Out here, really, I’m meeting independent HS families far less frequently. There is a charter school fervor and the charter schools offer many informational meetings. Within our own small group there are now five involved with a charter and three that have remained independent.

    Not that it matters in terms of info nights, except that I’ve met a lot of HS families who use charters and just aren’t interested in an info night out here. Which is too bad; we had a lot of great speakers in the past, covering a wide range of homeschooling styles.

  3. Anna Says:

    Coffee shops. For our group, we typically only get about 8 parents showing up. We have taken over the meeting area at our Borders; we have sat on the patio of a local coffee shop; we have met in homes.

    For my taste, when we meet in someone’s home, we seem to get off track more. There is more cross talk and the coziness of the setting lends itself to chit-chat, so it takes longer. If we are at the bookstore, we try to get our work out of the way so that we can browse.

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