Homeschooling in Colorado and Connecticut

Connecticut is working with NHELD and their state representative to spread the word about homeschooling around the state. CT HSers – is this a good thing? Seems like it would be from an outsider’s point of view.

According to HSLDA, the Colorado legislature voted April 13th as official “Home Education Day.” Seems like a good thing, until you see that everyone involved with it are Christian organizations. (HSLDA, CHEC). Not that I think that Christianity is a problem or anything. But, what about all the homeschoolers that aren’t Christian? Is this really “Christian Home Education Day?” What do you guys in Colo. think? Especially those of you in Boulder? Am I being unduly cynical?

2 Responses to “Homeschooling in Colorado and Connecticut”

  1. Anna Says:

    I wonder what the climate is in CT. I would like to know more about whether they are ramping up to fight restrictive laws or if they are just putting out the word that they exist.

    As for CO, that is similar to the climate in Indiana. The more secular homeschoolers just take advantage of the work of HSLDA and the Christian groups. Even if Christianity is implied, we still use it to our advantage. Let’s face it, Christianity is where the money is.

  2. Judy Aron Says:

    The meeting went very well. Legislators came and heard their constituents and they got a better understanding about what homeschoolers concerns were.

    We are both being proactive and reactive, if that makes sense.

    We are preparing for the next legislative session as we do have legislation that we’d like to see passed having to do with parental rights in withdrawing a child from school. We want to insure that when a parents sends in a letter of withdrawal that their children are removed from enrollment and not kept on in order to claim truancy by the school.

    These forums are helpful because the more we are seen and heard the more legislators understand what our concerns are and they also see that they have constituents who are affected by various issues. Educating legislators is the beginning to gaining their support.

    The reactive part of what we are doing is as a result of some recent comments made by our new education commissioner (also posted on my blog) and actions made by his agency as well as DCF (Dept of Children and Families). We also want to convey to our legislators how parents have been mistreated and how those agencies have abused their authority.

    So yeah – forums like this are a good thing.

    PS – I believe that we are individually responsible for our laws and understanding them. I don’t appreciate an organization interpreting laws for me and then telling me what I should believe. I prefer instead for an organization to tell me how to find the laws (both adopted and proposed) and what I can do to get them passed or changed.

    I wouldn’t rely on HSLDA maintaining anyone’s homeschooling freedom – some of what they have said and done certainly do not reflect my views on freedom to homeschool and they have done quite a lot in putting FEDERAL legislation in place, which I do not agree with at all. Homeschooling never should be mentioned in FEDERAL statutes, but HSLDA has done much to make sure it is (which is also unconstitutional). They also tend to bring in non homeschooling issues into the picture which in my opinion does a disservice to the fight for homeschool rights. You could check out

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