School Choice Increases Services for Parents/Kids

Some would say that an increase in parental control in school is a bad thing. I mean, isn’t there a group of mysterious “those parents” out there who are always causing problems, and who don’t really care about their kids? Right.

So anyway, school choice. I’m on the fence about it. It’s one of those ideas that I really, really, really support. While the possibility that public funding and/or corporate monopolies are going to screw up and/or take over causes me concern.

This post about school choice in Michigan gives me hope. Sometimes, we do have to take the bad with the good. And it may be that in order to move forward with allowing more parental/student control of education, and changes in schools, we have to work within our commercially based society. Meaning, realize that when schools have to attract students to fill their seats, they will use every tool available – including using school money to advertise.

But hey, if it turns out that the schools can use that money to advertise and *still* manage to offer more services and more flexibility to appeal to parents, then hey – kill two birds with one stone: We get kids a better education, and we prove once and for all that more money does not mean better schools.


2 Responses to “School Choice Increases Services for Parents/Kids”

  1. tobeme Says:

    Well said! Compitition breeds inovations and hopefully in this case better standards and more open methods of education.

  2. dancingboysmom Says:

    I think this is an excellent idea. So we’ll probably never see it in CA.

    Like the previous commenter stated, “competition breeds innovations.” If the schools have to compete for students and if parents are truly looking for the best education for their children, this will be to everyone’s advantage, except, maybe, the bureaucrats.

    Now, if this works, maybe they will take the next step and allow parents to choose when their children start school instead of saying that *everyone* at the age of 6 is ready for it.

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