Changing Reality

Tobeme over at the Naked Soul asks, “Who Creates Reality?”

Here’s a snippet:

We are the creators of our reality. We create our reality with our thoughts, which are followed by actions. Our thoughts are often influenced by external sources. If someone tells you that you don’t have a mind for math and that you will never be any good at math, you may take that as your reality and continue to repeat to yourself that you are no good at math, therefore creating your reality. In the majority of cases like this, it’s not that the person does not have the intellectual capacity to be good at math, it’s simply that they have created a reality in which they are not good at math, a reality which may very well have be born of a thoughtless, casual remark by an influencer in your life and then reinforced by your very own thoughts!

This is the essence of deschooling. Not using all the external comments and perception to constantly change our reality of who we are and what we’re supposed to be doing. Deschooling is not getting rid of tests or grades or assignments (although, all these tools encourage kids to modify their perception of reality). Deschooling is much deeper than that. It’s getting away from all the messages we hear from every direction telling us who to be, long enough, to figure out who we are. So when we come back into the world of education again, we can hear and see the influences without bending to them trying to make them all fit into our own perception of reality.

Tobeme also says:

It really is quite simple, they create their reality be saying things like,

“Geez, I am always so lucky”, “I always seem to win”, “Win I go shopping, I always find the best deals”, my personal favorite that you will often hear me say, “I live a blessed life”.

See, it’s not about who is the most intelligent, the most talented, the best looking, etc. It’s not even about who is a great goal setter. What it is about is the reality that each of us creates for ourselves!

It’s true in homeschooling too. We create our own success. It’s time to get used to saying to ourselves, “I am capable to bring my kids to adulthood.” “My kids are inherently capable and use their strengths everyday.” “My kids are good kids, thoughtful and going to succeed. In fact, they are already successful.” “And, so am I.” “We can make this work no matter what happens, because above all, we love each other and want to bring out the best in each other.”


2 Responses to “Changing Reality”

  1. tobeme Says:

    Thank-you so very much for the link and for using what I wrote to illustrate your point about deschooling. Great job! I love what you reenforced. Many parents who are struggling with deschooling or the decision to deschool will be served well by your wisdom.

  2. jakefunc Says:

    You may be “creating” “success,” but this approach could also instill a kind of thickheadedness in youth that would render them incapable of accepting and integrating criticism, as well as the delusion that they are good at things that they really are, in the end, not good at.

    We all “create” “reality” together, namely our “selves” and our interactions with one another. Your perception, and each of our perceptions, however, are not the Truth; we all view “reality” through our own subjective filters, based on our own experiences and socialization.

    It sounds to me like you’re trying to shape a mind without letting the rest of the world shape it as well. Diversity makes for more intellectual growth, along with compassion and understanding. Yes, there are negative influences, but there are positive ones too.

    Will a product of such a method integrate better?

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