Doers and Seers

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. – George Bernard Shaw (or is it H. L. Mencken? Finding conflicting sources).

Here’s my take on this quote. Which has quite a bit of truth, but is often interpreted in a way that disses teachers.

I think of it this way – some people’s minds are wired to do the thing they are good at but don’t have the ability to explain why. So, they do. And do. But don’t want to or can’t explain it very well. Then, there are people whose minds are wired such that they “see” how things work. They get the meta-game, so to speak. They are very good at explaining to someone else how to do something or how the pieces come together. Every once in a while, you get someone who can, or enjoys, doing both – do and see.

Doer, who finds it challenging to see how it works – strong as an artist
Seer who finds it challenging to do – strong as a teacher
Seer who does – an empathetic teacher and an artist on the side (or vice versa).

In the writing world, it would be this way:

an empathetic editor who teaches (by the way he edits), and who writes on the side (or vice versa).

Just gotta know who you are. What you’re good at. How your brain works. All have benefits and drawbacks.

A homeschooling teacher/parent can be any of these three and be effective. And, every child could be one of these three.

What are you? A doer? A seer? A mix of the two depending on the topic?

What about your kids?


One Response to “Doers and Seers”

  1. dancingboysmom Says:

    I used to think I was a doer but as I’ve grown older I think I’m a combination of the two “depending on the topic. ”

    You’re right about the quote. In fact, if you think about it, it might be better to use it to diss those who CAN’T teach. I mean, really, what good is knowing how to do something if you can’t teach others how to do it? 😉

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