40 Homeschooling Tips

Sprittibee posted 40 homeschooling tips on her blog this week. I think most of them are awesome. But there are a few I’d change. Here’s my take on some of them. Plus, I’ve added a 41st. Enjoy!

1. If you are homeschooling on your own strength (which means with no support), it’s gonna be a rough road. Just like anything, support makes it easier. Homeschooling, even more, because it’s a life choice. I don’t think it’s a guaranteed road to failure, but certainly hard. Get support. It’s there. Choose to allow support into your life if you don’t have it.

4. Pay attention. Work when it needs to be done, and step back when it doesn’t. Also, realize that a lot of “work” is internal. Be careful of wheel-spinning that looks like hard work.

5. Degrees are overrated. Talent is underappreciated. Everyone is born with a talent of a kind or another. But very few people are born with the talent to be good at everything.

9. I like her #9, except talent doesn’t dry up. It goes dormant. Knowing how to ride a bike never goes away.  Knowing how to do a 360 off the top of a bike ramp can go away without practice, but can be relearned later.

12. You are the parent, but that doesn’t mean you know everything. What you say goes, but make sure that the battles you fight are worth the drawbacks of putting down your foot.

15. I don’t want to change this one. But I like it. So I’m going to repeat it: It doesn’t hurt to color in the lines, but it also doesn’t hurt to draw your own lines. Don’t look down on someone else because they like to school inside the box.

23. There will be bad days. There will be good days. There will be days when it’s neither good or bad. It’s all life. But if there are a lot more bad days than good – take a good look at what you are doing and ask “Am I being reasonable in my expectations, and in my demands?” Sometimes, days are bad because we expect everything to be perfect. If we let go of expectations, suddenly, there aren’t as many bad days.

24. Set your own schedule and then tweak it as necessary.

26. Keep the minimum records necessary. The rest, keep memories.

31. Be consistent and be clear. Kids like to know “how things are”. It feels safe to them to be able to know what is expected of them and everyone else. How things are kept clear, that’s up to you and what works.

35. Have goals. And keep working towards them. Even if you never get them done, it’s OK. Having specific goals gets us motivated to move forward. How far and how fast isn’t important. All that’s important is the constant move forward.

41. Don’t worry about the list of 40 homeschooling tips. Do. What. Works. Even if anyone’s list says to do it differently.

Thank you Sprittibee for posting your list!


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