Diversity Question at LifeWithoutSchool

LifeWithoutSchool is looking for stories about YOU and what makes our homeschooling community diverse.

Here’s their call-out.

Life Without School asks:

Who are you?

Help create our Celebrating Our Diversity page!

You homeschool, home educate, unschool, live life without school! You are a mother, father, or trusted care-giver. But who are you?

Are you a single parent who homeschools?
Do you work full-time and homeschool?
Do you share homeschooling responsibilities with your partner?
Are you of a race, creed, lifestyle, political, or cultural community, persuasion or background that might be considered non-stereotypical for a homeschooler?
Are you inspired by a educational philosophy or practice that might be considered non-traditional?
We are interested in stories that celebrate finding your own way with your family and your child that are personally real and non-judgemental. Thoughtful, respectful personal commentary is also welcomed.

Vignettes are also welcomed and do not need to be of length; in fact, a paragraph will work best.

A vignette is an answer to a question or questions, or a snapshot of your life experience and is less than 500 words.

A story is a biography or story of your life experience. A commentary discusses your thoughts and feelings on a topic.

A collection of personal stories, commentary and vignettes will be used to create this page called Celebrating Our Diversity.

You can submit your writing (story, personal commentary, vignette) to the editor.

When addressing the editor, specify “Celebrating Our Diversity” and give your name as you would like it published.

If you find that you have a story of length to share, follow the instructions for Guest Author in the Writer Guidelines.

We look forward to hearing from you!


One Response to “Diversity Question at LifeWithoutSchool”

  1. Mimi Rothschild Says:

    Thanks, I’ll tell my students! 🙂

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