Video Games Makes Kids Anti Social? Maybe Not

I am always skeptical about studies, and how the results are interpreted. Even if the studies say what I want them to. But this study does give one pause. Maybe video games aren’t the villain. Like dark chocolate and red wine, they have a bad rap. Maybe it’s not the video games or the chocolate that’s to blame for whatever bad comes out of them, but the near epidemic proportions of our society’s gluttony?

Back on the topic of video games, there are two books that I’ve been really wanting to read. I haven’t had a chance. Have you read either of these books?

What Video Games Teach Us About Learning and Literacy


Don’t Bother Me Mom, I’m Learning


2 Responses to “Video Games Makes Kids Anti Social? Maybe Not”

  1. Melissa Says:

    What Video Games Teach Us is excellent. The author looks at video games from the perspective of kids and also he becomes a gamer himself, talking about how his own mental processes expand. He recommends some fun games. He writes from an academic perspective, but recognizes his views are outside the norm. I wish every educator who thinks typing is the only appropriate educational use of computers could read this.

  2. Carol Says:

    ‘Don’t Bother Me Mom, I’m Learning’ was pretty good too. He gives examples of specific games and specific things that can be learned from them. We have many of the game he highlights and I’ve seen first hand how these can help kids learn new skills and concepts.

    I’m with you. The games themselves aren’t the bad guy. We just need to have appropriate limits for ourselves and our kids.

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