Free Online College Courses

MIT started the inevitable trend. Now, iTunes is jumping on the bandwagon. (If you have iTunes, just go to the iTunes store in the program, and select iTunes U.)

The iTunes classes are great for the visual and audio learner. Some are podcasts, others are videos of lectures.

Personally, these vids put me to sleep. Give me a book and a good conversation w/a pro over coffee. But hubby, when he saw this iTunes selection, he nearly lost it. “OMG, this is AWESOME!”

This is only the beginning. I’m tellin’ ya, the internet is changing education and the way kids think. Heck, it’s changing the way adults think. It’s changing the way we access knowledge.

HT: Mark


One Response to “Free Online College Courses”

  1. Katie Bradshaw Says:

    I would like to take course on audio tv and video forensics and criminal justice Can you help me…?

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