The Reading Tree

Being that I’m a list person, this project sounds like a lot of fun!

I gave my son a book that allows him to write down all the books he’s read and what he liked (or didn’t like) about them. I was SO excited to give it to him.

Well, he had zero interest in it. Didn’t even give it a second glance.

I see it on the shelf, and I covet it. I didn’t get it for him. I mean, I did. But I got it because I thought it was cool. If I had though about it for a couple minutes longer, I would have realized that the book appealed to me, not to him.

Instead of getting a book where I list all the books I’ve read, I’ve been chronicling my books on my family blog. Eventually I will have to put them all in one place though. Because I’m starting to forget what I’ve read, or at least, which book is which. And those blog entries get buried.

I really like books. And I like making lists. Looking at lists. And talking about my lists. I’m really the only one in the family that’s so obsessive about it. But I’ve caught my hubby and my son using lists here and there. They don’t like to admit it though. They are more than happy to let the list making belong to me.

Maybe one of my daughters will grow to like lists too? And we can have list-making parties. Book-reading-list-making-discussion group?

Do you keep track of books you’ve read? Why or why not? Do your kids enjoy keeping track of what they’ve read?


4 Responses to “The Reading Tree”

  1. reutersramblings Says:

    I hope my three little ones come to love books as much as I do. My 13 year old hates to read and it saddens me because there are so much in books. Expanding your imagination, learning, etc. This was a good blog.

  2. Sheri Says:

    As a fellow list lover, this idea really appeals to me.

    My daughter still isn’t a big reader and has just started the “Dear Canada” series (similar to the “Dear America” one) which has about 12 or 13 different titles.

    I think it would create a sense of accomplishment for her and encourage her to expand her choice of reading material if we kept a visual log of her progress through the series.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. anna Says:

    This is a sweet idea! My friend did this, it was fun to check out what they were reading.

    Have you played with Library Thing? It’s the most awesome book sharing site. It’s very easy to add books to your list, and you can discover others who like the same books, see what they are reading and find some pretty neat books that way!

    I am a complete bibliophile, and so am having some fun with this site!

  4. anna Says:

    Oh, and P.S. Library thing has a blog widget you can post on the side bar so others can see what you have been reading!

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