Hey, One-on-One Instruction Works!

So, here’s some interesting news that I bet none of you would ever have imagined to be true, in a million, billion years: Kids in public school who receive tutoring learn more math and English. Wow! Amazing!

I wonder, what would happen if they gave every student a tutor?

Some teachers don’t like the idea though. Because the tutors don’t have to have a teaching credential. Forget that it’s actually working. Forget that the students seem to be benefiting from it.

I have to admit that this is one thing that NCLB does good. Since, it was because of NCLB that these failing schools had tutors at all (publicly funded BTW). But why not give it to all schools? Every school should have a tutor. And, perhaps, when it’s clear how much uncertified tutors help kids learn, they’ll admit that parents who teach their own kids don’t need to be certified.

Granted, the tutors in the schools are probably working with a very school-oriented approach, but hell, IMHO, whatever works baby. Whatever works. And this, seems to be working.

But, really, I want to know – why is anyone surprised?


3 Responses to “Hey, One-on-One Instruction Works!”

  1. tobeme Says:

    I agree, there should be no suprise here. Tutoring works, it works wonders!

  2. Just Enough, and Nothing More And More News of the Obvious… « Says:

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  3. momlovesbeingathome Says:

    Well, duh! 🙂

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