Engineering and Music

I was talking to my friend Ann, from A2Z Home’sCool, who used to be a music teacher. But she was let go because the schools no longer had funding for music classes (this was in Oregon.) She then moved on to work as an engineer in a tech company. She said that all the engineers and physicists she met were musicians.

Engineering and music go hand in hand.

I thought of my son and my hubby, and she’s right. Have you all noticed this?

Then she said that by taking music out of schools, we’re losing all those potential engineers.

Very interesting comment. What’s your take on it?


2 Responses to “Engineering and Music”

  1. anna Says:

    I believe in education being a whole experience. If you take music out of schools, you’re not just losing the potential engineers, you are taking away the beauty of music! Music is math and history and so many more things all intertwined, but music can also be music for music’s sake.

  2. onlysometimesclever Says:

    It’s been well-documented that music education increases math skills.

    My dad is both an accomplished engineer and musician (guitar and piano).

    I am VERY fortunate that my stepdad is a mostly-retired music teacher, and gives general music lessons to all my kids, plus trumpet lessons to my 10yo.

    I agree w/ Anna. It’s not just the math aspect; it’s the well-rounded aspect. Schools don’t have the funding for music, or they’re too busy doing things like hide-under-the-desk bad-guy drills, or developing kids’ testing skills, and “nonessentials” like music get pushed aside.

    Add that to the list of “One More Reason to Homeschool,” right??

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