It’s a right of passage for all young homeschoolers to go through at some point: playing Pokémon. Now, it’s our children’s turn.
My husband is to fault for this. He’s the one who got them started. Cam showed a little bit of interest when Hubby and he were out with friends. Hubby was so excited he was about to split. He bought the starter packs for the new Diamond and Pearl expansion, and brought them home so we could all learn to play Pokémon.

It’s surprisingly easy to learn, balanced and fun! Hubby and I even play each other sometimes. And my six year old daughter has fallen in love with the game even more than my nearly nine year old.

We found a local “Gym” where we can go and “work out” our pokémon. After playing a certain number of games at the gym, we can each get special cards or other prizes (we get these faster if we win).

For years, I’ve watched the kids are park day huddle in the corners playing card games. I thought, “How old these kids are! And how much fun it would be to play!” Now we’re here, and I get to play. Woot!

I promised Cam I’d go easy on his friends tho. And let them win once in a while.

Do your kids play card games? Do you play with them?


4 Responses to “Pokémon”

  1. Dawn Says:

    Apples to Apples is a great card game. We have a lot of fun playing that game as a family. I was playing it with my 3 kids the other day and we were laughing so hard…..and learning at the same time! It’s a great game for comparisons and vocabulary.

  2. Sheri Says:

    Hey, we have Apples to Apples too and I agree that it’s a great game especially for kids.

    My daughter also enjoys the standards like Crazy Eights and UNO. She’s almost twelve now and has expressed interest in learning how to play cribbage, which will be great for her math skills.

    And absolutely we play with her and her friends.

  3. tobeme Says:

    It’s great that you are enjoying the card games. I did not even know Pokeman was still out there.

  4. Tabbi Says:

    Hi Tammy, Tabbi from Ann’s group! My daughters have been into Pokemon for going on 6 years now and the excitement just does not quit! The cards are a good game and even when we did not know all the rules we just took hits or wins by tens and so they learned how to count by tens. Now we also have all the video games and it is interesting to hear them confer with their friends about how to get a certain special creature I mean you think it is just mindless and some of it is but for the most part they really have to think and figure!

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