Deschooling Is Not a Diet

“Watch out for homeschool burnout,” we’re told when we ask for advice about getting started in homeschooling.

It’s a valid concern. But what really causes burnout? Being too busy? Or doing too much?

Burnout doesn’t come from being too busy. Lots of homeschoolers are super busy, but aren’t burned out. In fact, there are many homeschoolers zipping around doing this and that and they just look *radiant*. Why?

Because burnout comes from being too busy doing things that don’t have any meaning or a feeling of satisfaction. Burnout happens when we aren’t living, but surviving. Homeschoolers who spend their busy days doing fulfilling, interesting, satisfying things, have an increase in energy, not burnout.

We can get tired from doing a lot of things, and need a physical or mental break. But if we are burned out, that’s different. That’s happens when we’re not doing enough of what we makes us feel alive.

This is where deschooling is important. Deschooling isn’t taking a break – it’s recreating a life. Many people see deschooling as a kind of diet. But just like diets, they don’t work in the long term if the person goes right back to doing the same thing they were doing before they went on the diet.

Deschooling is a change of lifestyle to something that creates a healthier and happier family. And that creates a more appropriate and inspiring life in which to learn.


One Response to “Deschooling Is Not a Diet”

  1. dancingboysmom Says:

    You’ve hit the nail on the head again. So many times folks have told me that the reason I’m so stressed about school and stuff is ‘cuz the kids do too much extra, like ballet, karate, etc., but I’ve noticed that I feel much better when we are at these extra things I think because the kids love doing them so much. (How’s that for a nice run-on sentence? lol) I definitely believe that the reason I’ve felt so stressed about school is ‘cuz the kids are miserable. It’s no fun to do school when the kids aren’t enjoying it in the slightest.

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