Ok, Cynthia Coerced a Meme From Me

Cynthia over at GracefulJourney tagged me for a meme. I generally don’t do meme’s, but for Cynthia, I will 🙂

This meme is to name seven quirky facts or habits about yours truly. I’m going to have to be careful not to get myself in trouble here…. 🙂

1. I was a cheerleader in my senior year. For some people, that would be “normal”. For me, that was a huge leap into another world. Even now, I look back at it and wonder what the hell the cheer squad was thinking when they brought me on. Perhaps it was because I kind of look like a cheerleader – and the outfit actually looked pretty good on me. Especially when I rode to the games on my skateboard. I think after a few weeks, and I still hadn’t attended an “after game party” or even knew who the quarterback was, they knew I didn’t belong there. I stuck it out anyway. I like to dance and yell.

2. I have a yellow stripe in my eye. My eyes are pretty stark blue. But there’s a strip of yellow that goes from the inside to the outside of my right iris. My optometrist says it’s a birthmark.

3. Even though I don’t really care much about TV or movie personalities (in fact we see stars all the time where I live in Cali, and I rarely know who they are when hubby points them out), I have this… well… thing… for Keanu Reeves. He is just perfect to me. In fact, so perfect, that I hope I never meet him in person. It would be impossible for him to live up to my expectations. He’s my eternal eye candy, and makes me happy when I look at his picture or see him in a movie. (Yes, even when he says “totally dude”.)

(Man, I have to come up with *7 things? I think maybe I’m overachieving this a bit.)

4. I’m a pretty good bowler and pool player. No good at any traditional sports that anyone would care about. Pretty uncoordinated actually.

5. I’m a sucker for romance. Movies and books. I cry easily; commercials will set me off. Even before having kids I was like this. It was far worse when I was over-the-top hormonal with child. I also laugh easily.

6. I had my picture taken with Jack Sparrow today. I think he might have been hitting on me. Right in front of my hubby. Hubby just laughed.

7. I am a to-do list and workbook fanatic. That’s only unusual because I’m supposed to be an unschooler or something.

Phew! There! That was hard. Ok, who am I going to tag?

Melissa, Anna, Sheri, dancingboysmom, Kris and Mark

Edit: As per request, a picture of me and Jack.

Tammy and Jack Sparrow


6 Responses to “Ok, Cynthia Coerced a Meme From Me”

  1. gracefuljourney Says:

    Ok, number seven made me LOL! Yeah, it was a MAJOR paradigm shift for me to embrace unschooling. Now we enjoy our free form life so much that we can’t imagine ever being any other way.

    Thanks for doing this for me!

  2. Doc Says:

    Where’s the pic of you and Jack?

  3. Sheri Says:

    Thanks for the tag Tammy. My list is up…does this mean I have to tag others now?

    I cry easily too and am also a to-do-listaholic. I just notice that if I write it down, it’s more likely to get done. Go figure.

  4. dancingboysmom Says:

    Thanks for the tag. I love being tagged. I’m selfish that way…but I guess I should save that for my reply. hehe. I’ll have to think of some other things besides that though so it might take me a day.

  5. Kris Says:

    I really had to think to come up with seven!

  6. titus2woman Says:

    These are GREAT! Except the Keanu part~UGH! LOL! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

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