Definition of Insanity

They say that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over, expecting different results.

Does my computer breaking twice in the period of one month count as insanity provoking? First, the hard drive just, well, died. No warning. I think it had a brain hemorrhage.

Then, this time, the memory took a vacation.

Both times, I had my important files backed up, thank goodness! But I don’t have my programs, my system prefs, or my music. That means I get to look forward to a day or two of recovery and reinstalling every time my computer breaks.

While my laptop is in the shop, I’m going crazy unable to work on the things that were due days ago, on programs I don’t have access to on my kids’ computer.

It’s time to buy a second hard drive and make a mirror. Time to do something different. Time to do something that will produce different results – namely avoiding this stressed out time where I have a million things to do without my resources to do them.

I miss Lappy. My kids miss Lappy too. No, that’s not exactly right. Actually, they want their computer back.


2 Responses to “Definition of Insanity”

  1. tobeme Says:

    It stinks to be without your computer, ugh! Good idea, getting another hard drive to mirror.

  2. embejo Says:

    Our hard drive died like that a few years ago…..well, it made a terrible metallic noise first…then died. We lost literally hundreds of photos of our DD which we hadn’t backed up! From her birth onwards. Was so heartbreaking. We tried getting someone to restore the hard drive, but nothing was salvagable. Anyway, my point is, we still haven’t backed! Stupid I know…….it’s on my to do list!

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