Unschooling Demographics

It was a hard week without Lappy. But now I’m back, Lappy’s back (crossing my fingers) and we’re back on the posting bandwagon!

While my puter was sick, I collected some interesting search terms that people used to find Just Enough. This one caught my eye: unschooling demographics.

Unschooling is a very thin slice of the homeschooling community (although, depending on how you define unschooling, lots of people are “kind of” unschoolers, or partially unschoolers). And in the general population, unschoolers are an even smaller thin slice.

So I’m not sure how unschooling demographics will be useful information. All the unschoolers I know, are, well, just people. I can’t even begin to come up with some kind of general synopsis of who unschoolers are.

Maybe, someone who has been to an unschooling conference might have a better idea?

What do you think? Are unschooling demographics meaningful? Is it possible to make general statements? What do you suppose this person who did a search on this topic wanted to know?

And I wonder, what’s the zenschooling demographic?


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