Homeschoolers Are Politically Efficient

I thought this piece was going to be a plug piece for HSLDA. But it is decidedly not! The final assertion – homeschoolers are generally not political, but when it’s time to get the job done – they do it, and do it well.

State Rep. Debbie Hammons told the HPR that, from her experience, “Homeschoolers are the most effective constituent interest group at mobilizing large email campaigns.” This statement is confirmed by Wyoming House Education Committee Chairman Del McOmie, who explained in an interview with the HPR that, while the homeschool families are “subdued” in most lobbying contexts, they are extremely effective in their “chain” emailing. He noted that for a recent bill raising the age for compulsory education, he received hundreds of personal emails from homeschooling parents opposing the initiative. “They aren’t copy pasted—they take the time to write individualized letters,” commented Rep. McOmie. “They’re very targeted, and they stick to the issue. Because of that, when they do contact you, they get a lot of attention.”


One Response to “Homeschoolers Are Politically Efficient”

  1. onlysometimesclever Says:

    Wow. That’s truly interesting. I’m not nearly as politically active as I was before I had kids. You’d think it’d be the opposite, but it’s hard for me to keep focus on what’s happening in and outside my nest. But, when something does strike home, I have been known to compose an e-mail to my state or federal representative. Hm.

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