Education, College and Real Life

Are we destroying our economy by making the college prep the focus of K-12 school?

Here’s an interesting article about how the middle class is changing, and why. In it, Michael Rappaport suggests broadening the purpose and services of education for children with all different needs to prepare them with real-life work training.

Larry Kosmont is quoted in the article as saying:

“There has been an overzealousness about the fact that every kid coming out of our high schools is going to the University of California,” he said. “That is just not going to happen. We built a good system of ROPs (Regional Occupational Programs) that gave people the opportunity to get into vocational trades.

“That was all destroyed in the name of kids getting basic skills. It didn’t work and we chased kids out of the schools.”

In other words, plenty of children left behind.

“The days of kids going to school K-12, then to a four-year college and then to a job has long disappeared,” Averill said. “We need to create a system that addresses the needs of people who come in and out of the educational system.”

There is also quite a bit of interesting information on the way the middle class has changed and is continuing to change in California. A correlation is made between this change, and how we look at education.


One Response to “Education, College and Real Life”

  1. Kristi Says:

    Spot on. And isn’t it a shame that more kids aren’t trained for trades…what a waste of money and talent.

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