How’s Your Homeschooling Today?

A friend asked us this on an e-list. This was my response to her:

Today we had two big events. First, our oldest (8), who, in his own words, “lives for music”, started taking guitar lessons. He has been taking piano for four years and he was a little nervous to sit with a guitar teacher. He took to it like a fish to water, and now he’s a guitarist as well as a pianist! Hubby and I think he’s gonna be the next Bob Dylan (you know, harmonica and guitar at once?)

And, even more exciting, Allison, my middle child (6), has found a passion!!!!! She’s usually quiet about what she likes and doesn’t like, soaking in everything and waiting for the right time to try things, quickly dropping them if they are too difficult. We decided to not push her and let her warm up to life in her own way. Well, yesterday, she asked our neighbor to show her how to knit. After a half hour, she ran home in tears, screaming that she couldn’t do it. It was too hard. I told her, “No rush honey, try again when you’re ready – or not.” That didn’t seem to help at all at the time. Nothing anyone said could stop the tears. So, we let her be for a while to deal with her frustrations on her own, as much as we all wanted to help her. Eventually, she stopped crying and went on to some other projects.

Then, today, she woke up, and the first thing she wanted to do was go next door and knit. She was there for an hour, so I headed over to see how things were going. She was happily knitting away. “I did it!” she beamed. We went out to do our day’s activities, and now she’s back over there, sitting and knitting. This is the first new thing that she’s wanted to do, tried it, failed, then picked herself right back up again and did it! I’m SOOOOO happy for her!

So, that’s our report for the day. Normally, our days are not nearly as exciting. So, I found it coincidental that my friend asked this question of us, of all days. 🙂

2 Responses to “How’s Your Homeschooling Today?”

  1. Kris Says:

    Hey Tammy,

    My eldest (14) is a musician. He has acquired lots of cool links for guitar and ukulele (he plays both). His blog is here: – your musician may find some good information (and a kindred spirit) there!

  2. Dave Bennett Says:

    Not sure which is harder…knitting or playing guitar!

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