Babysitting a Baby

So, my kids are all potty trained, are pretty much independent, and with the rhythm we’ve fallen into, I get quite a bit of my work done during the day, while the kids do their important things.

Well, today, I babysat our friends 6 month old baby, and all of that changed. I got nearly nothing done today. That’s not true. I got a lot done. Feeding, rocking, singing, playing, diapering, cleaning and comforting. I managed to also deal with the things that my kids needed, and I managed to get one load of laundry moved from the washer to the dryer.

Having a baby in the house is HARD work! I remembered how hard it was, but today, I re-lived how hard it was. I loved hanging out with our freind’s baby. He’s so cute, and fun, and really, he’s a great baby. The kids love him, and he loves the kids. And the kids had a great time. But now I remember why I didn’t get a lot of “me” time. And now I remember why we decided that three is enough children.

One of the great things about sitting this baby is that even though it was challenging, because, well obviously, he’s a baby, was that we could literally drop everything and take care of this little guy. We didn’t have to worry about homework, or bedtimes, or anything. Also, the kids were SO eager to help. They didn’t feel threatened at all about me spending hours and hours holding him. They were so good with him. I am genuinely impressed with their behaior with him.

My kids are kind of rough and tumbly with each other, and sometimes with their friends. But they knew, right away, that this baby was to be treated gently. So they did.

And now, the baby is still at our house, but he’s asleep next to me. And I’m trying to enjoy the beautiful look on his chubby face, the sound of his shallow baby breaths, and his little snoring, before his parents come and take him home.


2 Responses to “Babysitting a Baby”

  1. Rae Says:

    awwwww I think I can actually *smell* that sweet baby next to you!!!!!
    hugs to you,

  2. kate5kiwis Says:

    i popped over here from barbtheevilgenius’s blog.
    (after reading your comment on her unschooling post) and i know what you mean about the t-i-m-e ya have during the day to do whatever comes along. cool huh.
    and i am getting all mooshy, thinking about the little baby-cuddles you’ve been having !!!!!!!!!!!
    :o) kate in new zealand X

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