A Sense of Purpose and Other Quotes

Interesting quotes I read today, in one of my favorite magazines.

“A child who doesn’t have a sense of meaning and purpose, who is fearful and anxiety ridden, is a child who can’t learn.” – Linda Lantieri

“It’s not good enough to know about reality; you n eed to change how you see reality. Real education is transformation.” – Arthur Zajonc

“My view…is that there are many different ways to see the same thing, all of which are equally right. There is not a single fact of the matter most of the time. If you lose your job tomorrow, is that a good or bad thing? One could make a case for dozens of different shades of interpretation of that event, all of which are equally true. The question is which one your brain most wants to believe.” – Daniel Gilbert

“Historians use the word “presentism” to describe the tendency to judge historical figures by contemporary standards. As much as we all despise racism and sexism, these isms have only recently been considered moral turpitudes, and thus condemning Thomas Jefferson for keeping slaves or Sigmund Freud for patronizing women is a bit like arresting someone today for having driven without a seat belt in 1923.” – Daniel Gilbert


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