This Man Is Pulling His Daughter Out of School

Why? Find out.

Now, some would say that he’s being too picky. Too demanding. Too critical. There are always at least two sides of a situation.

True. However, who is serving who here? Is it the school serving the students? Or are the students serving the school? Because if it’s the school who is supposed to be serving the students (and by extention the parents), then doesn’t a parent have the right to be too critical?

Thank goodness this parent has another option. (It would be great if he had more, but right now, there aren’t a lot of educational options available to parents who don’t like the public school system.) Maybe some day, when enough smart parents like this (he and his wife both have college degrees) get fed up and leave, more educational options will pop up to satisfy the demands of all different kinds of students and families.

P.S. Make sure to read the comments too.


4 Responses to “This Man Is Pulling His Daughter Out of School”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Ah, Michigan. Sometimes it’s enough to make me week, seeing what this state is doing to itself. Pop over to my page and see what Gov. Granholm wants to do to our public libraries (while increasing funding for public schools, of course).

  2. Marie Says:

    He’s pulling his daughter out of school in Portland. HE grew up near Detroit. Although I am homeschooling my kids near Detroit and agree that Michigan schools are in big trouble, I’d like to be sure that we are reading carefully ourselves.

  3. Tammy Says:

    Ok, took out the “Detroit” reference, since, the article doesn’t actually specify which school district he’s in.

    I don’t think it matters anyway. Even in “good” school districts, this kind of thing can happen. And, even in “bad” school districts, lots and lots of kids and families are happy.

    This isn’t about Detroit or any particular school. This is about a man taking control and making a decision that benefits his family. And, a man who knows he has a choice. And maybe, just maybe, spreading the word to other families that they too have a choice. That’s what it’s really about, IMHO.

  4. dancingboysmom Says:

    Thanks for the link. The comments were interesting. I really got a good laugh at the woman who thought that homeschoolers “throw a book at their kid and walk away.” Gee, wouldn’t that make our lives easier? roflol.

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