Always Explaining “Why”

Ok, so I have to admit something. I’m an explainer.

I know, I know, you’re all shocked. But it’s true – I can’t help myself but to explain things.

I trip on someone, I explain why. I was five minutes late for something, nobody cares, but I ham compelled to explain why I’m late. I tell hubby what I did during the day, and I have to explain why I did things when I did, or didn’t do something else. My kids ask me “why Mommy?” and I get giddy.

I’m an explainer and sometimes it drives me nuts. People don’t NEED all that backstory. In most cases, they don’t care. And when I explain, I can see the glaze slowly drip over their faces.

Has homeschooling made me an explainer? OR… am I homeschooler because I’m an explainer? Same with being a writer – does being an explainer and a writer go hand in hand?

As an extention of that, I’m a researcher. If I can’t explain something, I’ll research it until I can.

That part, that doesn’t drive me nuts. That part I enjoy. Because even if the person who I’m talking to doesn’t really care, I get to learn something new. And I like learning new things, even if it was someone else’s idea to begin with.

Now, how does this all trickle down to my kids? My 8 year old, he’s an explainer too, in his own way. He likes to explain how he PLANS to do things, not what’s happened before. I like to do both, but prefer to explain past events/behavior. My 6 year old likes to explain the NOW. Or better way to say that would be to describe the now, in particular how things look, even if it’s obvious. My 3 year old, likes to explain things that she wants to happen. Which, I guess is normal for that age.

What’s the down side of being an explainer – well, apparently around the kids, there isn’t much. But, as my hubby gently reminds me from time to time, I’m not homeschooling the world. Just my kids. (tapping head…) I have to try to remember that.

When I was a kid, my friend’s mom was a teacher. And she treated everyone like they were in her 1st grade class. Even the adults. As a kid, that was kind of comforting, and I used to think it was humorous that my own mother could be treated like she was my age. But as an adult now, I realize just how annoying that must have been for my mom, knowing my mom.

Am I my friend’s mom? Am I essentially trying to homeschool the world by being an explainer? And, if I am, what do I do with that information?


One Response to “Always Explaining “Why””

  1. onlysometimesclever Says:

    Oooh. You may be onto something here. I’m an explainer. And a writer. And a researcher. And a homeschooler.

    My 9yo? Not an explainer, but an interesting conversationalist.

    My 7yo is an over-explainer. Like, when we play Yahtzee, he must verbally run through all the multitudes of possibilites that can be created with that particular roll of the dice. I’ve had to tell him that he is *welcome* to do this with his own dice, but he needs to constrain himself when it’s others’ turns. He can “what if” and hypothesize something to death. I’m sure there will be some sort of profession, some day, for which this skill will be useful, but for right now, I must admit, that MANY times a day, both my dh & me have to tell him to switch it to “off.”

    My 5yo is an explainer, but not overly so. I love his explanations; they’re so beautifully childish.

    I get giddy, too, when someone WANTS me to explain something… 🙂

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