How Teens Learn at Home

In one of my earlier comments, Lucie posted a link to her wonderful blog about her journey on learning how to be a homeschool mom of teens, after years of being in the public school system. She’s come so far in such a short time, it almost brings tears to my eyes (tears of pride). The peace her family has found flows off the page. If only all families, and all mamas could feel that feeling. Wouldn’t this would be a better place?


2 Responses to “How Teens Learn at Home”

  1. Jessica (Trivium Academy) Says:

    I just wanted to THANK YOU for your reply about my current struggles with self-discipline. It was refreshing to have a perspective that makes you go, “YES! That is something I can DO to help us.” Would you mind sharing your family goals? That would be very helpful so I have a “model” to go by. Right now our goals are to finish the curriculum we have and to follow the house rules that are based on scriptures (I have them posted at my blog under Trivium Academy on the right).

    We’re working on following the house rules moreso than anything else right now.

    Thank you again for your input, it has been INVALUABLE!

  2. Lucie (bravemama) Says:

    Wow, Tammy! How did I miss this? Thank you so much for this wonderful comment! By taking the bull by the horns…or the boy out of school ;)…our family *has* turned around and experienced peace. I picture it like an ocean liner turning around…takes time, but ya notice the shift right away. Rather than defeat and frustration, Dylan, 15, finishes our days with that funny shoo-be-doo-be-doo singing as we put our stuff away and he gets ready to go see his friends. What a difference from the sullen grumbles I used to get if I asked nicely enough 😉 We wouldn’t go back now if ya paid us!! Thank you for noticing the peace flowing off the page. How affirming!

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