Perspectives on German Homeschooling Situation

I love this post. It’s a reaction to the girl that was kidnapped by the German government because her parents didn’t agree with the country’s educational system. Here’s a link from the official “news” which mainly comes from Christian news sources (who, it seems, are the only news sources that really care about the whole situation.)

All of this shows how perspective changes everything. In some arenas, it’s called “spin”. When one situation can be seen in so many different ways (and the situation with Germany is just an example of that), how can anything be “right”? Whose perspective can we trust?

I hope that this is the catalyst for Germany loosening up their stronghold on social engineering education. But I am not holding my breath. Changes like this are slow. Germany is going through an identity crisis, it seems. The homeschooling thing is just the tip of the iceberg.

But, aren’t “homeschooling” problems always an indication of something bigger?


One Response to “Perspectives on German Homeschooling Situation”

  1. Dana Says:

    Social engineering is probably a good word for it. I don’t like to be overly judgmental of another country, but the one thing that bothers me most about the situation over there from my American perspective is that it clearly isn’t about education, but about socialization. That comes up repeatedly in the state’s defense, whether it is a public statement or a court decision.

    And socialization is probably one of the largest concerns most Americans seem to express about homeschooling here.

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