Our Kids Are OK Just the Way They Are

I found a gem of a blog post over at The Blog of The Zombie Princess.

Here’s an excerpt:

* Our kids are okay just the way they are.

I should highlight that one or something. It’s huge. If you really want to “get” unschooling, meditate on that concept for a while.

* If our kids are not okay (unhappy times, challenges to face, something missing from life, etc.), it’s our job to help them find the resources or tools they need to get back to being okay.

Her list is about 12 items long. Worth the read, and about 1/2 way down the post, so scroll down if you want to go straight to it.


One Response to “Our Kids Are OK Just the Way They Are”

  1. mcewen Says:

    Thanks for the link. It’s a shame that more people aren’t aware of the many different learning styles. If you can tap into yours [or your child’s] it can be such a positive experience.

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