Do I Need Another Online Account?

I found this treasure trove of unschool anti-love. Here’s the first of many thought-provoking comments:

I’d rather see unschooling used in conjunction with regular schooling. I agree that the freedom and confidence and ability to follow tangential interests is valuable, but I think it limits the options for the future that children who are ‘unschooled’ have. I can’t imagine an unschooled child being able to pass exams, for example – and maybe the parents don’t think that’s important, but what if the child decides they want to be a lawyer, a teacher, a doctor?

I’m not sure if I should create a LiveJournal account just to get embroiled in all this mess? Or, let these answers speak for themselves about how the inability to see things from other people’s perspective limits one’s options?

Oh, and if you see a legitimate concern about alternative learning perspectives on this site, please let me know, and I’ll try to address it.

4 Responses to “Do I Need Another Online Account?”

  1. Amy Palko Says:

    Thanks for drawing attention to this. I find that many of those who express anti-unschool sentiments often homogenise the whole practice, which, I believe, stems from their institutionalised thinking. I think that in their attempt to denigrate unschooling, they ignore the diversity which exists in the method. If they were to accept this diversity, they would have to face up to the fact that it is misguided to make such generalised statements. I’ve written a post at that might interest you about embracing difference and diversity in unschooling. Thanks again for the post!

  2. Mother Crone's Homeschool Says:

    This whole unschooling/ traditional methods argument isn’t very positive, and reminds me of argument about religious doctrine. The truth is, there are many truths, just as there are many families!

    Why draw yourself into that sort of drama ?

  3. Anna Says:

    I posted on my blog about labeling, and how it is driving me crazy right now. I am afraid if I got sucked in, I could never get out. The problem with the unschool label is that it is different for every single child, even within families. To make blanket statements against (or even for), discredits learners as individuals.

    It is wholly unfair for people who have never tried it, to comment on it. If you haven’t lived it, you don’t know it.

  4. Stephanie Says:

    I had a post over at Life Without School that addressed this concern about unschooling:

    Who’s In Charge

    I don’t have the time unfortunately to get into these debates any longer. So all I can do is post what works for us and put it out there. It does frustrate me though when I see that there are so many misconceptions about what we do…but then again it takes a shift in thinking first. So I can see where it could be hard to wrap your mind around it.

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