Education in Empathy

When you meet a random person on the street, and they ask you why your kids aren’t in school, what do you say? Are you cautious? Enthusiastic? Indifferent?

Well, what if you meet a fellow homeschooler and they start talking about their “method”? How do you respond?

This is an interesting question addressed at a blog called One Sixteenth.

It’s fascinating how we all have different experiences. I feel pretty darn secure in the choices that I’ve made, both in homeschooling and in parenting. It’s rare that I feel attacked by homeschoolers who have different opinions and have made different choices. In fact, I find conversations with such homeschoolers particularly interesting. It’s far more interesting than going, “Ya, me too.”

But… lynx helped remind me that not everyone is as secure in their choices as I am, and might be a bit intimidated by my “I don’t give a damn what anyone else thinks about my choices” perspective.

So, in the future, when I meet a new homeschooler at MickyD’s, I’ll try to remember lynx, and hold back my enthusiasm a bit, and wait. Wait to see where the other person is in their journey, and be respectful of that. It’s gonna be hard, cuz I lose myself sometimes, but that’s part of growing up and maturing, right? To learn how to see things from other people’s perspectives?


One Response to “Education in Empathy”

  1. Stephanie Says:

    My answer to home school methodology is usually “Confused Eclectic” which never clears things up but is a fairly good icebreaker. It is more concise and sounds so much nicer than “I don’t know what in the world I’m doing — but it works!”

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