Fighting For Freedom in Public Schools

Well, this is a very interesting take on why it’s good that people fight over what should be taught in public school.

I never really thought about whether or not it’s a good thing that people try to bend a publicly funded program to their point of view. I had only thought about it from the individual’s perspective, and what might motivate an individual to try to make everyone and everything around him change so that he feels better about things.

But I guess, having this kind of extreme and “fix things for me” perspective does have some good. It does make change and it makes people think about what is really good for everyone in the group. It does take “crazy” people to stand up and say something different, to demand that things change, in order for something to happen.

I’m not sure I agree with Charles Hayen’s opinion that public school serves as a damper to culture clashes. And I’m not sure I agree that if the people who pick fights in public school left to have their children taught in schools that better matched their point of view, that it would make our society even more combative and intolerance. I’ll have to think on this.

But it is an interesting perspective to think about. And it does make one appreciate the value of having people with extreme, unpopular opinions speak their mind.


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