Deschooling Mom

Is deschooling really for the kids? Or is it for the parents?

Joanne writes: In order for unschooling to work for us, I had to go through the deschooling process more than my kids. Maybe because I’m older or went to school longer than them or because I know school from both sides; as a student and as a parent.

Read the rest, it makes sense.

What about you, as a parent? Do you feel like you need(ed) to deschool?


2 Responses to “Deschooling Mom”

  1. dancingboysmom Says:

    Whew, did I ever when we started. Poor kid.

    I’m stopping by blogs that have links to my old blog Mental M…in order to let them know that I’ve had to move. My new link is:

  2. Laura :) Says:

    Ohhhh yeaaaaaa!!!! My dd took the brunt of that time….:(

    Fortunately, I got over it and now my dd and my ds reap the benefits! 🙂 I’ve noticed my dd (12) still sorta likes school books, my ds (8) however wants nothing to do with them.

    I am still working on my dh…..his conversion has been very slow. He’s not as accepting of the ‘it doesn’t have to look like school to be learning’ as I’d like, but he has made progress. But only I can tell!! lol!!

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