Curriculum Sales

Yesterday, we had a curriculum sale at our park day.

I went with a nearly empty wallet, and promised myself I wouldn’t buy any more books. (We have too darn many as it is).

So, what do I do?? I walk away with 10 books and a toy for the little one. Why? Because it cost me a total of $.50. That’s right, I managed to get a hold of 10 books, for less than a dollar. How can any self-respecting life learner pass up a deal like that? It was meant to be!

One of the books I picked up was School Can Wait by Raymond Moore. Been wanting to get that one for a while. Since it was free, I snagged it right up.

Oh, and on another note, here’s a blog with some great quotes from John Holt.


One Response to “Curriculum Sales”

  1. mom24bbs Says:

    Sounds like my kind of book sale. Enjoy the Moore book. I really have enjoyed their writings.

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