Acting Successful

“The best way to become successful is to act successful.”

It’s true in the working world. It’s true in our personal lives. And it’s true in homeschooling.

Do you “act” successful? How do you handle homeschool “failure”? What do you think of this quote in the context of education and learning?


2 Responses to “Acting Successful”

  1. Anna Says:

    We don’t have homeschool failures. We have teaching moments. “Well, that didn’t work. Let’s try this.”

    We try to take the Thomas Edison approach–everything is an experiment. Some work out better than others, but they all have value. Therefore, eveyrthing we do is successful!

  2. mom24bbs Says:

    I think you definitely have to have confidence or else every failure will just drag you down and you will never look at it as a learning opportunity, just a failure.

    I’m getting better at acting successful. I have a lot more confidence than I used to. Homeschool failure is something I try to put behind me and move on. I try to focus on the successes and to remind myself that whatever I’m doing is better than what they’d be getting in even private school around here…not to mention the benefit of having them home to train them correctly instead of letting their friends be their main source of what’s right and wrong.

    I think this is a good quote I’m going to have to remember as I try to get the school stuff under control this year.

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