Your Best Time of Day

We all have a “best” time of day; that time when we have the most energy, the most motivation and when we sit down to work, we get the most done.

My best time of day is between lunch and about 8pm. My son’s best time is when he gets up until lunch, then again after dinner until about 10. My middle daughter’s best time is the same as mine. And the little one, her best time of day is from around 10am until around 4.

When is your best time of day?

When is the best time of day for each of your children?

Do you take this ‘best time’ into account when you schedule programs, “school” (if you do school), and projects?

Does your best time and your kids’ best times coincide?


3 Responses to “Your Best Time of Day”

  1. Mother Crone's Homeschool Says:

    I am all about this concept! My best time for thinking is 4am-12pm, oddly. My son used to be an early riser ,but as a teen works best from 10-6pm. My daughter works well from 12pm-3pm, and again from 8pm-12am.

    I definitely take advantage of these times of directed focus. I realized it a few years ago, and I cannot tell you how much easier their school work and our days, in general, flow. It still bothers family that I don’t make them both rise with the crows, but the results are best if they work with their natural rhythms.

  2. anna Says:

    Hmmm…… That’s such a terrific question! I have never fully understood traditional school in the USA, where in the winter the kids here rise hours before dawn and stand waiting in the freezing dark for their school bus. (I am from Australia.)
    I think our family enjoys flowing with the rhythm of the seasons. I appreciate the space homeschooling gives us to do that.

  3. mom24bbs Says:

    Best times…well, from the way I feel right now it’s certainly not after 9pm at night. roflol. I used to be a night person but then I got a real life and had to be at work in the morning. I’ve been a morning person since. When I’m not preggos I like to get up between 4 and 5.

    As for the times my kids are best…I’d say it’s definitely earlier. I used to think it was later but I’ve noticed that since we’ve been on our new school schedule where I try to get things done first thing, they are doing much better. Stanley definitely can’t function after 3pm for school.

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