Five Things – Language

Think about this:

In your child’s life, what are five ways that they are learning about the English language?

Answer number one is “books”. That encompasses every single book they ever are exposed to, including text books, English exercises, literature, grammar workbooks, everything.  Books are only one way to learn about language.

What are four other ways that your child learns about the English language; any and all aspects of it?


4 Responses to “Five Things – Language”

  1. sam Says:

    I’d say television is one way that we learn about language. We don’t watch a lot of programming intended for children, and one of the favorite programs for me and my eight year old is Anthony Bourdain’s show on Travel, No Reservations.

    One of our favorite ways to learn about English, and a new favorite activity of that same eight year old is mad libs. He got a couple of books for his birthday and almost immediately fell in love with them. He also almost immediately learned about the basic parts of speech.

  2. Anna Says:

    My four year old LOVES Mad Libs.

    Another way that my kids learn is that their mother is a motor mouth.

  3. Faerie Rebecca Says:

    Hmmm, four ways… I’m thinking of how we’re learning German–what tools do we use to pick up a foreign language that we use almost unconsciously when we learn our mother tongue?

    1. Speaking English–every day conversations, gentle corrections from others (It’s “slid,” not “slided.”)
    2. Songs–Easy to remember, easy to sing along with, containing vocabulary, with meanings picked up from context or by asking, um what does *that* word mean?!
    3. Games–These can be familiar games played in the new language (such as “Frau Hawkins Sagt” instead of “Simon Says”), or games that really have no mother tongue equivalent, but are fun in their own right.

    OK, I’m tapped out. Can’t think of a fourth that isn’t just a repition of what’s above…

  4. beth Says:

    4-Poetry (is that books?)

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