Learning About Snow and Santa

We’re on vacation now, so posts might be sporadic for the next few days. I’ll try not to miss, but if I do, you’ll know why.

Yesterday, we left for our Christmas vacation at 7am. We were on the road until 7pm. We went from rain, to warm sun, to wind, to flurries, to blowing snow and icy conditions, all in the space of day.

We stopped four or five times, making what should have been a 9 hour drive, a 12 hour one. Even though we spent almost the entire day on the road, we learned quite a bit.

  • We learned about geography. And geology. Our country is gorgeous.
  • We learned about weather systems (and how they are related to geology and geography).
  • We learned about satellite (XMRadio) and cell phone technology (and how these things relate to geography and geology).
  • We learned that daddy is a much better driver after he has his coffee.
  • We learned about the laws of the road. (Some lessons are learned the hard way.)
  • We learned that the back of the car moves around a lot more than the front, or even the middle, of the car.
  • We learned the importance of having anti-freeze in one’s windshield wiper fluid. Out of *all* the winter driving recommendations, nobody told us this! If you are not used to driving in snow, this is a must-have. Without it, the wind-shield freezes up and you can’t get the ice off with the wipers.
  • We learned that you can get by in twenty degree weather without a jacket, or boots, so long as you are only out in the cold long enough to run from building to car, and back.
  • We learned that every state (well, that we’ve visited) sells hamburgers, but that not all hamburger joints are created equal, even if they have the same name.
  • We re-learned how much we really like our kids and what great travel companions they are.
  • And to top off the day, the kids got impromptu swim “lessons”, since we picked a hotel with an indoor pool. It’s kind of complicated why I gave them lessons in addition to just letting off steam, but let’s just say, there was an inspired reason for it.

On another note, we read in the newspaper today that by age 8, 85% of kids no longer believe in Santa. Our son hasn’t asked, so we haven’t told him.

As I was wrapping the gifts this year, I realized that many of the gifts I marked “Santa”, had the same wrapping paper, the same gift tags, and the same handwriting as all the other gifts. The girls are probably too young to notice. Our oldest, he could figure it out if he’s not too focused on what’s inside the paper.

I guess I’ll wait and see what he does. If he asks, we’ll talk about it. If he doesn’t, I’m just going to let him continue to believe.

What about you? Do your kids know Santa’s secret?


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