Three Year Old Learning to Read

My three year old is curious about reading.

There are two possible reactions I could have to this:

1) See it as a sign to get out the phonics readers. To jump on this opportunity to start teaching her the ins and outs of reading.

2) To answer her questions, keep reading to her, and allowing her understanding of reading unfold on its own.

I’m choosing number 2.

Today, we were reading a book. She would point to words and ask what is said. I told her. Over and over we did this. She would guess the word, I would say what the word really said.

At one point, she insisted that the word “bear” said “goodnight”. So I said, “Ok.” and left it at that. There was no reason at all to correct her. She would soon enough forget about that word. She doesn’t know enough about how letters work to know why it’s wrong, and she was obviously enjoying the story told in her own words. Go for it sistah. Read your book your way, and I’ll read it mine. No worries. It doesn’t bother me one bit.

I know, that if I allow my daughter’s interest in words and books flourish at its own pace, she will continue to learn to read. And eventually, she’ll be off like the other two, reading books on her own.


One Response to “Three Year Old Learning to Read”

  1. Nilima Says:

    My 3 year old also does same..
    Here is someone amazing!

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