Homeschooling Spelling

Yesterday, I finished up our family holiday letter. After about ten runs through the printer, I fixed many typos, adjusted pictures, and made it “perfect”. Just before I sent it off to print 30 copies, I asked my 8 year old to look it over and tell me if there were any spelling errors.

He found two. Two errors that I hadn’t noticed.

This is from a child who has never had a spelling lesson in his life, has never memorized a spelling list and has never been asked to write anything just for the sake of writing.

So, he said to me, “Mom, even really good writers can make spelling errors.”

I chuckled, told him, “Yes, you’re right.”

Then he added, “Even you.” (This made me a happy mommy on so many levels!)

No judgement. Just a statement of fact. Just an observation. Then without any fuss or needless contemplation, he went back to putting together his K’nex roller coaster.

My five year old demanded to see my errors. She made no comment, but I know her. This conversation sunk in.

Today, she’s helping me print out the “perfect” copies, and is getting ready to help me decorate the holiday cards.

Life without school, well, it just rocks.


One Response to “Homeschooling Spelling”

  1. Dave Newell Says:

    That’s a funny story and so true! I’m amazed at myself for the spelling errors I make sometimes.


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