Homeschooling and Parenting

Where’s the line between homeschooling and parenting?

I find more and more that being an involved and interested parent is what drives our homeschooling success. Less and less of our homeschooling lives is a derivative of an “educational” perspective. By being interested in the world, and by being engaged humans, we end up learning about the world, and so do the kids.

I look at successful homeschooling families that I know, ones that I admire. The families that I look up to are the ones who are just so relaxed. They are secure, enthusiastic…they are fearless.

These families aren’t just homeschooling. They’ve embraced learning as a way of life. And have embraced the idea that everyone is a learner. I’m not just talking about the proverbial unschooler. I’m talking about families of all different ways of going about educating their kids. They have this aura about them than no matter what happens, it’s all gonna be OK.

I noticed that their parenting styles reflect this. That they aren’t worried if their kids are going to fail, or if their kids are going to make mistakes, they don’t obsess about what the future holds. They aren’t worried because they appreciate who their kids are now. And they trust their kids. They trust their kids will usually land on their feet, just like everyone else.

Parents who match their homeschooling style to their parenting style, these are the families who seem to me, to be the most successful. Since homeschooling just fits right in with their parental and family philosophies anyway, it’s a relatively easy transition.

Another thing I’ve noticed too, and it happened to us; homeschooling changes the way we parent. By thinking about education and what it means to us, a lot of what we’ve hashed through extends out into what it means to us to raise children. I know that my parenting perspective has changed a lot since I’ve been involved in the homeschooling community. And the more I read, the more it develops. I don’t think I’ll ever be done learning about how to be a better parent, a better homeschooler or a better person.

How about you, have you notice a link between parenting and homeschooling?


3 Responses to “Homeschooling and Parenting”

  1. Daisy Says:

    Absolutely! There is a definite difference in the way a homeschooler views parenting. My husband and I are the only people I know who plan to homeschool. We’re not quite part of the homeschool community just yet. Even though our first son is only 30 months old, we can already see a difference between our son and others his age. We see our children as a long-term responsibility, rather than just cute little pets we’ll hand off to the “professionals” to train in a few years. Most parents truly believe that their childrens’ upbringing is the state’s responsibility, and they act accordingly.

    Already, our son has number and letter recognition well beyond anyone his age that we know. Why? We don’t push him, like some nightmarish parents I’ve ment. It’s because if I’m going to be the person who teaches him to read, there’s no reason for me to wait until he’s 5 or 6 to start (unless he’s just not ready until then, of course) When we see that he’s interested in something, we explain it. When he demonstrates a readiness to learn, we don’t just say “go play, I’m watching Dr. Phil”. We don’t just sit him in front of the tv and wait for the school to do it for us. The end result is a better-informed, better behaved child…and a busier, happier family!

  2. Kamrin Says:

    I have found that to be true also. Those parents who are generally uptight tend to stay that way. They worry over every milestone and fuss over every encounter. Most of the homeschool moms I know are very laid back and we tend to let the kids kinda live and learn. My 5yr old’s motto is “It’ll wash!”
    This is my first time to your site and I hope to be back more.

  3. ajmann77 Says:

    Great way to put it. I am a newbie HSer so I do not really know what my “style” will be but I have noticed other successful HSers just carry themselves with a silent confidence. I hope I am able to balance my parenting and homeschooling styles successfully. I am trying to learn more about this “unschooling” thing since I think my personality as well as my families culture seem to fit with that method. This is a great resources. Adding you to my blogroll strait away!

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