Virtual Schools, Charter Schools and Homeschooling

The thing about all the various ways to educate at home, including virtual schools, charters, whatever – the important question is this: Who has the final say – the family or the school?

Some are worried about the term “homeschooling” being claimed by the public education sector. I’m not worried about that. A name is a name. I don’t care what we call the practice of parents being the ultimate decision makers in their children’s learning.

So long as the fundamental right, of all families to have the choice, if they so desire, to decide their own children’s education, is not denied to us. And, for each family, if they so desire, to put education in the hands of their children (where I think it really belongs anyway). So long as there is a way for parents to do this, that’s what’s important.

And if one day, parents lose this freedom, whatever the circumstances are, we have a much bigger problem than homeschooling freedom – a problem of tacitly accepting a large, external agency to have ultimate control of what we think, what our children think and what we are allowed to do with our lives. If this were the case, fighting for homeschooling rights would only be a teeny tiny tip of the iceberg of a huge problem in education and in our liberty to define who we are on our own terms.

But I really don’t think that will happen. Believe it or not, I trust the parents of this country. I trust them to fight for their right for their children to be free. Because I’ll be one of the first to stand up and join that fight. And I know I’m not the only one.


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