Seeing Education Through Filters

“We’re homeschooling.”

What makes one person respond to this statement positively, and another person negatively?

How people react reflects through their personal filters, based on experience, personality, mood and a host of other things.

Next time you get into a debate or heated discussion about homeschooling, remind yourself, “It’s not about me.” If the other person doesn’t like homeschooling or critiques you on your choices, it has absolutely nothing to do with you. If it did, then why do some people support you on the exact same decision?

I had to learn this the hard way. And I suppose, to a certain degree, we all do. Unfortunately, this doesn’t make the situation go away. But it does make it easier to get through.

Can you see the filters that your loved ones see you through? Can you identify the filters that make a person react to you negatively? Have you noticed how seldom these filters are directly related to education, and are actually much bigger things like trust, fear, social ineptitude and black and white thinking?


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