Homeschooling Info Night

Last night, we held a local info night at my house. We’ve been offering this info night for almost a year. And we hadn’t had very many famlies show up in the past. Well, last night, we ended up with 13 families, in my small house, all crammed into my dining room, talking about homeschooling.

The topic was “Dealing With Criticism”, but we talked about everything from the “S” word, to standardized testing, to homeschool finances, to how we can know what is important to teach our kids.

These kinds of info meetings are a great way to welcome new and potential homeschoolers to the community. Sometimes the homeschooling community can be quiet and undercover, if not secretive. These kinds of “everyone is welcome” meetings allow parents to get a glimpse into what’s available to us and how being a homeschooler is not necessarily an isolated way of living.

One Response to “Homeschooling Info Night”

  1. Mark Weiss Says:

    What a great idea! How often do you hold them? What is your outline. We held a two night session a few months ago and had about as many show up. it was great. We made some great new friends and we learned a lot hearing their perspectives and concerns.

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