The Sky Is Green

What if you woke up one day and everyone insisted that the sky was green? You looked up, you saw blue. Not a faint of yellow tint anywhere. Yet the more you tried to shake people out of their hysteria, the closer they inched towards the phone to call the insane asylum. According to the world, your perception was wrong. The sky was green, and that’s that.

What do we do when something that is so obvious to us is seen from a different perspective from everyone else? We can choose to go crazy trying to defend our position, or we can accept that we don’t agree. But ultimately, that’s was freedom is – to be able to have the opinion that the sky is blue when everyone else says it’s green.

In homeschooling, the kid who sees the sky as blue in a world where all the adults say it’s green – what do we do with him?

One Response to “The Sky Is Green”

  1. Mark Weiss Says:

    How come open source software works? Why is it that a group of people can voluntarily get together with no real remuneration to count on, and collaborate on developing a piece of software? And homeschoolers can’t do the same when the stakes involved are so much higher for us than for a piece of code?

    Sure we have conventions, support groups, blogs, etc. However, if there were a way to be just a tad more proactive about spreading the “good word” or “evangelize” as you put it, in the end, isn’t it the kids and hence our future that is impacted for the good?

    “I can homeschool, because there is someone who helps me succeed,” is something akin to, “sure I use open source software because there is this huge user group and I get all my questions answered if I run into a roadblock.”

    Sure you have to think for yourself, and sure you have to filter out some of the noise. I get that. But what we have as homeschoolers is so GOOD. And it could be GOOD for so many more kids. Can’t we spend some of our time trying to figure out how create a picture that opens the door to more families and hence more kids?

    Have any thoughts?


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