What’s Your Problem?

The key to problem solving is identifying the problem.

Most of the time, when we have trouble solving a problem, it’s not because we haven’t tried the right things. We can’t solve it because we’re working on the wrong problem.

From my experience, the majority of homeschooling problems, when it comes down to the core of it, is that we aren’t meeting everyone’s needs. If we look at the problem from this perspective, pinpointing the actual problem is much easier. Once the problem is clearly identified, the solution also becomes clear too.

If the perceived solution to a problem is that someone else has to change who they are or what they do, then we’re working on the wrong problem. In fact, if we try to enforce a solution like this to the wrong problem, we are making the real problem worse than it was before.

I have found also, that sometimes, the reason we don’t like to identify the real problem, is that we know we have to change what we do to fix it. And who wants to do that? It’s easier to work on the wrong problem.


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