Striving For Perfection

Abandon any idea that homeschooling will create a perfect child or a perfect family. Even if you choose the ‘best” way to homeschool and the “best curriculum” and you are the “perfect parent” (which, of course, we all know is impossible), there is no guarantee that everything will work out perfectly in the end.

If we focus on trying to create a perfect result, or perfect children, or even plan on our children being perfectly happy and smart – we’re gonna make ourselves crazy. Don’t get caught in that trap.

Instead, focus on acceptance. Focus on a gentle, yet constant movement towards your goals. Focus on meeting everyone’s needs today and making today the best you can, and then being OK with today not being perfect. Focus on finding a balance between work and play, schedules and free time, social and alone time. But, in none of this expect perfection.

The hardest thing is to accept imperfection of ourselves. But we are. All of us. Imperfect. So get over it. Do the best you can with what you have. Notice what changes can be made to help you towards your goals (often times the changes we need to make are in how we perceive things), but don’t judge them. Use this information to improve, but not to obsess over.

Accept how we are, then move forward. Then let’s see how things turn out later, when later gets here. I guarantee you, it won’t be perfect. But it just might be perfectly OK.


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