MIT Opencourseware

MIT’s opencourseware should be in every homeschooler’s bookmarks (or dare I say any person who likes to educate themselves?). If you, or your teens, are applying to MIT, stating that you’ve completed some of these courses gives you a big advantage. This is also a great way to introduce one’s self to higher math, science and pretty much every other subject – for free.

Yale is starting a pilot program to do something similar. Although the free online courses may never replace going to college, it is a great way to explore new material from an extremely reliable and knowledgeable source, especially if you are a life-long learner.


One Response to “MIT Opencourseware”

  1. Laura in CA :) Says:

    I was looking over the MIT courses the other day with my dd. Wow….I’m not even sure I understand what some of them are about!! lol!!

    Part of me wants to do one with my dd just so I can say, “My daughter and I were discussing (whatever is pertinent…and I’ll _make_ it work!) that just the other day when we were working together for her course at MIT!!!” ROFLOL!!!!

    And while I’m busy trying to shock relatives we’ll learn something new! 🙂

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