Lots and Lots of Workbooks

Today, we had a curriculum sale at our local homeschooling park day.

And today, this life-learning, non-schooling family bought a hoard of workbooks.

Yes, workbooks. Math, reading, spelling, social studies, science and more. We even bought a teacher’s manual that came with one of the books.

Why did we buy so many school books if we don’t do school at home? Because, sometimes, they are fun!

We have a ton of workbooks in the same way we have a bunch of games, and a bunch of building materials, and a bunch of art materials. We have them to use when we are inspired, and because we like them.

It’s not only possible to do workbooks as an unschooler, it makes sense. The materials are out there in the world just like anything else.

Workbooks are a tool. How you use a tool changes everything.

2 Responses to “Lots and Lots of Workbooks”

  1. Tsoniki Says:

    I agree! My daughter LOVES workbooks. I wish I could find a sale like that. LOL

  2. amelia Says:

    My 4-year-old takes an interest in workbooks and worksheets (many of which have been provided by others, not his parents.) Whether his purpose in picking them up is to follow their instructions — that varies. Over the years of his education there may be times when I decide it is his job to complete a worksheet, but I don’t think that will be our main method of schooling. Right now the way we do things it’s okay if he decides to add some bees to the scene without bothering to follow instructions to “color the flowers red and the grass green” or whatever.

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